I've always disliked these "about me" things.
Sure I like to read about others but to make one about me?
I'm just awkward.

Picture Coming Soon. . .

I am a socially awkward janitor with an addiction to dark, black coffee.
I like to bake and exchange recipes with an old man at work who is one of the many awesome people in the cast of my life.
If I could I would travel and act for my entire life, but for now I'll keep having adventures and learning more about the world around me.
The Boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years.  We have our struggles figuring out this relationship stuff, but we're best friends through it all.
If you would like to win over my heart present me with anything cupcake related.  I am a cupcake-aholic.
I am old lady at heart.  I enjoy a weekly trip to one of my favorite cafes or diners where they are slowly recognizing my face.  I have a goal to make one of these places know my order, so I try to order the same thing every time I go in there.
I enjoy dancing in the streets, randomly saying "let's race", pulling out my dumb girl character at random moments, making lists, movie moments, going to the theater alone and taking pictures of food on a daily basis.

This blog is about my life.  Whether it's boring or exciting, it's my life.
The biggest thing you'll take away is that I am just a dork who is learning about life.

This about me will never be done, because I am always changing.

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