Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tom: "What happened? Why - why didn't they work out?"
Summer: "What always happens. Life."

 The other day I went for a walk to clear my head.
I drove half an hour to a huge beach and I walked it.
I thought about, well it seemed like I thought about everything.
I thought about the past three years and how much I've changed, how much more confident I have become, that I had my first relationship and ended my first relationship, I've made friends, I enrolled in different classes and found new interests etc.

My mind was just swarming with different thoughts.
But by the ended of my walk I was calm.
Nervous about the recent changes in my life and for my next steps forward, but I will take them as they come.

For now? I am divinely and utterly happy.
I am having fun with life!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whatever Happens Happens

Sometimes I like to think I believe in Fate, but then I realize Fate can only take us so far.
So here's what I believe.  I believe there is such a thing as Fate.  I believe that Fate delivers us opportunities and it's up to us to act on them.
Fate once delivered me a job, I took that job and at that job I met some boys.  I had decisions to make, feelings to sort out.  I took a step in one direction and that led me to a two year relationship.
I believe that Fate presented me with that opportunity and I acted on it.

But I get confused on where to draw the line between Fate and Coincidence.
I had a Fate/Coincidence situation recently and I somewhat acted on it.
I doubt anything will come of it, but in that moment I felt happy.  Truly happy.

I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately.
What are your thoughts on Fate?


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soundtrack to my Summer

Summer has officially arrived :)
And I have decided I'm going to document my summer in video and pictures and then combine them all to make a video.
Confession: I love to edit videos and put them to music.  It's, as cheesy as it sounds, the soundtrack to my summer.  My own music video.
So with that, as long as I can remember to keep it up, every time I post I'll add a song from my summer soundtrack!
I'm currently obsessed with "Specks" by Matt Pond PA

I advise listening to it while I share a few photos from the first days of summer :)

 Italian soda and a banana-Nutella panini: Best lunch ever.

I am currently obsessed with button downs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


One of the best feelings in the world: Seeing a movie that pumps adrenaline through your veins.
The Amazing Spider-Man.
I kind of really loved this movie.
While this movie had a lot of special effects, I was surprised when I came out of the theater with that high I feel after acting class.  It's the same high I get watching Roman Holiday.
It pumps in my chest and I can feel it buzzing throughout my body; I want to actI need to.

The movie was the end of my evening, it started out with having an Amazing sushi dinner.
I've recently developed a love for raw fish. 

I need to do something creative!
Creativity is bursting out of my skin, but I don't know what to do with myself.

Tomorrow I shall have myself an adventure.
Even if it's having one of my old person days (go to the bakery, read, go to a movie alone etc.)
I might even do all three!

Have an Amazing Wednesday.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Don't be fooled by the green of that picture.
It is indeed Autumn here on the West Coast.
There is fog and pouring rain and now I am dying to watch "You've Got Mail".

I am trying to grow a tree of some sort.  It's going to be big and red, that's all I really know about it.
But with this rainy weather it hasn't grown much, neither has my raspberry plant.

Last week I took a stroll through the park near my house.
Don't be fooled by the following pictures, it's not really that sunny here.

 At first I thought this robin was injured, nope, it was just sunbathing because when I got closer it took off.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Mood vs Bad Mood

This past week I have not been happy.
There has been conflict in my lift, words said that people didn't mean, words said that were misinterpreted but people were too hurt already to know that.

So this week is dedicated to me being happy.
Monday morning started out perfect.  I woke up in a good mood, which is rare for a Monday, and skipped off to work.
I don't really skip to work.  That's just too far.
Yesterday, yes, overall I was in a good mood.  Rare for a Monday.

Today work was terrible, just because I was bored and so sick of cleaning shelves everyday I will go get a coffee and watch a movie with my Grandma.
I will then arrive home, eat a healthy snack or dinner and then jog out the door!
That's right, after a month I'm going to try to start running again.
After dedicating a decent amount of time to a fun workout, I will read or write or do something creative!

Wednesday, I will enjoy my mom's company go to my favorite tea shop.
Then we will share a special day with some friends and take pictures of pretty prom dresses.

As for the rest of the week?  I will do my best to be happy, or at least smiles sometimes :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


My blog needs a revamp.
Not just the look but the content.
I need to make a list of my interests, because making lists is what I do best, and only blog about those things.
Nobody needs to know what I ate for breakfast.  Unless it was really scrumptious and delicious looking.
I need to do more activities and take more pictures, with my blog in  mind.
Because maybe, just maybe, if I think "Hey I need to write a blog this week!" I will actually do something productive, rather than sit on the couch until 2 o'clock watching E.T. for the tenth time.

So maybe I will spend my day, going for a walk, or reading a book, or cooking something new or attempting to draw or craft....you know, after E.T. is over.

Life lately?
-I can add 2 failed auditions to my list of auditions.   That list only has 2 auditions on it to start with.  But the fact that I got to audition is a major accomplishment in my book.
-I successfully threw a combined surprise party.  Next time we will not take the easy way out and host it at a pub.  I'm thinking a 20th birthday party for my little brother.
-I am a caffeine addict.  Mainly Starbucks dark roast, one sugar.
I blame Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.
-I notice on other blogger's blogs they keep talking about how hot it is and this thing called 'Summer'.
What is Summer?  Where can I find this Summer?  Because here it's like we skipped over June-September and it is now officially October.  I love October, but I hate a muggy summer.
-I can't stop eating watermelon.  I love the stuff!  I go through one a week!  Yesterday I ate half a watermelon throughout the day!

And now I shall bombard you with some pictures...like five, and I will follow through with my goal to "revamp" my blog.
 My fantastic family at the surprise 25th anniversary party/50th birthday party.

 Welcome to summer in West Coast Canada
 Apple pie waffles for breakfast?
 Lasagna cups, the most delicious things I've found on Pinterest.
 S'mores cupcake.  Yes, that is cream cheese frosting.

Me, the sumo baby.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Eye-Opener

What a week dear blog.
I've learned to appreciate my eyesight a lot more.  On Tuesday a box snuck (is snuck even a word?) up on me and scratched my cornea.
Word of advice? Watch out for boxes.  
It doesn't hurt as much anymore, my vision is just blurry and bright light hurts.  I've been a lot like Gollum lately.
Then the doctor decided to test me for Mononucleosis.  I love saying that word but I hate having it.

So I've had to pause everything that I have to do like view a suite, work, plant a tree (yes, I bought a tree), plan my parent's anniversary party, buy 2 birthday presents, plan a pedicure for Mother's Day, make birthday/anniversary cards for 4 people, go to The City etc etc.
It's a busy month.
I also have The Boy's and my 2 year anniversary this month.  Kind of crazy.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Life Was A Movie

I would have parties like Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
I would have dates like the couple in "The Vow".
I would run through IKEA playing house like Tom and Summer in "(500) Days of Summer".
I would fly to Neverland with Peter Pan when I can't sleep at night.
I would be able to roller skate like Bliss in "Whip It".
I would have a secret twin somewhere like in "It Takes Two".
I would have the greatest apartment in New York like Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail".
I would ride scooters around Italy like Princess Anne in "Roman Holiday".
I would know how to sword fight like Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean".
I would never not know what to say or do because the script would be written for me.

If life was a movie. . .

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I have been denying you of my company lately, I've been busy:

-I've been going to my wonderful acting class and I am in love with it
-I have been working lots (no time for naps anymore!)
-I began exercising again and I love it (must remember this feeling!) I even run/walk 5.5km at least once a week!
-Blog, you should be happy, I finally cleaned my bedroom! and even started reading again =)
-I've been stressed about planning Operation TAP aka 'The Anniversary Project'.  You see my parent's 25th anniversary is soon, so I'm attempting to throw (my first) a big party for them.

You see Blog, it's not that I don't love you anymore, it's that I'm too busy to spend time on the computer these days.

 Sincerely, Me :)

 I can't believe I live here.

New shirt from Suzy Shier with a Peter Pan collar!
The other day I was seriously considering changing the name of my blog because my life has gotten exciting over the past couple years and I didn't feel like "Boring Girl" was appropriate anymore.
I'm still somewhat boring at heart.  But I don't sleep my days away like I used to, so where do I go from here?
Should I change my blog's name or keep it?

I like the word "folly", I have a tumblr that uses that one.
Hm, I shall go and ponder that one while looking at party planning things, my current obsession along with mashed cauliflower.