Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Eye-Opener

What a week dear blog.
I've learned to appreciate my eyesight a lot more.  On Tuesday a box snuck (is snuck even a word?) up on me and scratched my cornea.
Word of advice? Watch out for boxes.  
It doesn't hurt as much anymore, my vision is just blurry and bright light hurts.  I've been a lot like Gollum lately.
Then the doctor decided to test me for Mononucleosis.  I love saying that word but I hate having it.

So I've had to pause everything that I have to do like view a suite, work, plant a tree (yes, I bought a tree), plan my parent's anniversary party, buy 2 birthday presents, plan a pedicure for Mother's Day, make birthday/anniversary cards for 4 people, go to The City etc etc.
It's a busy month.
I also have The Boy's and my 2 year anniversary this month.  Kind of crazy.


Cindy said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your eye :(
But on the other hand, congrats on almost 2 years!!

S said...

Thank you:)

Taylor said...

Aww! Feel better! That's kind of scary And yes, I do think most of us take eyes/sight for granted. :(
Congrats on your 2 yr. anniversary! Hope each day brings you more happiness than the last!