Saturday, June 23, 2012


My blog needs a revamp.
Not just the look but the content.
I need to make a list of my interests, because making lists is what I do best, and only blog about those things.
Nobody needs to know what I ate for breakfast.  Unless it was really scrumptious and delicious looking.
I need to do more activities and take more pictures, with my blog in  mind.
Because maybe, just maybe, if I think "Hey I need to write a blog this week!" I will actually do something productive, rather than sit on the couch until 2 o'clock watching E.T. for the tenth time.

So maybe I will spend my day, going for a walk, or reading a book, or cooking something new or attempting to draw or know, after E.T. is over.

Life lately?
-I can add 2 failed auditions to my list of auditions.   That list only has 2 auditions on it to start with.  But the fact that I got to audition is a major accomplishment in my book.
-I successfully threw a combined surprise party.  Next time we will not take the easy way out and host it at a pub.  I'm thinking a 20th birthday party for my little brother.
-I am a caffeine addict.  Mainly Starbucks dark roast, one sugar.
I blame Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.
-I notice on other blogger's blogs they keep talking about how hot it is and this thing called 'Summer'.
What is Summer?  Where can I find this Summer?  Because here it's like we skipped over June-September and it is now officially October.  I love October, but I hate a muggy summer.
-I can't stop eating watermelon.  I love the stuff!  I go through one a week!  Yesterday I ate half a watermelon throughout the day!

And now I shall bombard you with some five, and I will follow through with my goal to "revamp" my blog.
 My fantastic family at the surprise 25th anniversary party/50th birthday party.

 Welcome to summer in West Coast Canada
 Apple pie waffles for breakfast?
 Lasagna cups, the most delicious things I've found on Pinterest.
 S'mores cupcake.  Yes, that is cream cheese frosting.

Me, the sumo baby.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

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