Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon Confession

Confession: I'm not excited for the "New Moon" movie.

Last year for "Twilight" I was so stoked, I missed the midnight release but I did go on opening day.  I know this movie is going to better but I'm still not excited.

Twilight is just a cash cow now and it's kind of sad.  I mean sure I own my own Twilight merch, but I haven't bought every single thing and I don't wear my t-shirts in public.
I'm still hoping that I'll be able to see New Moon on opening day (highly unlikely due to presales) but that's because I have a thing about seeing movies on opening day or at least opening weekend.
I realized last night, it actually woke me up, that I have seen the "Twilight" movie in the theater four times.  Four!  I forgot about San Diego.


If I am able to go to the movie on Friday I don't want to be looped in with the screaming teens.  I may look sixteen but I'm not and I never even acted like some of the girls do when I was sixteen.  I probably would've when I was ten though.  You should see my Spice Girls stash.
There are two showings on Thursday of New Moon (yes I'm looking it up), technically it's not midnight.  It's ten.
I love how it's called a "Romantic Horror".  Awesome.
Some things I hope are not in New Moon:
1. Constant blinking.
2. Heavy breathing.
3. Long pauses.

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