Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Chase

So, what do you do when the guy you like, likes you back?
It should be an easy answer, right?  Wrong.
First what you do is go see a movie, make out not included thankyouverymuch.  Also exclude hand holding and cuddling, you're just friends remember.

Next what you do is casually hang out and get to know each other.  Everything is going well.
Then you go out with him on nye, apparently you're his date but you're way too clueless to be thinking about that at the moment, you're out with a boy!
But then you mess it up a bit and are all depressed for like a week.  Correct?

Then you say "suck it up call him".  Which you do.  You then proceed to hang out almost everyday for a whole week.
You know, more of the whole awkward "the movie seats are uncomfortable" thing, sitting close and then far away on the couch, late night drop offs without a kiss or a hug for that matter.

Then you go out with him and his friends [who, so far, seem to have accepted you] and he gets that look in his eye.  Not the "I am so getting in your pants" smug look.  No, this look is entirely different.

This look makes your brain go "Abort! Abort!"
You feel yourself back into your shell, you get quiet and when he tells you to call to hang out you think "I probably won't".
At work you think about that look and your stomach starts to burn, you think you're getting an ulcer.

But the thing is, you still like him. . .you think. 

I used to fall fast and hard for boys, but it was more lust than actually wanting a relationship.
Unfortunately, for me, I think I like the chase.  I never would have thought that in a million years, but I think it's true.
A couple guys in high school I fell hard for, but the moment one of them had a girlfriend I was like "oh I can't like him anymore" and then the other guy I liked for three years and I think it's because he never gave in got the guts to ask me out and vice versa.  We did the whole msn thing, but at school we didn't talk [different social circles] but we never dated and we never confessed our feelings for each other.  I don't know if he ever truly had a crush on me, but I plan to ask him one day.

So you see, the chase went on for three years and I never "caught" him.
My situation now, I have "caught" someone and now I'm bleh and want to reel in another one. 
Wow, I am an awful person who sounds extremely conceited.

That's all.  I need to sort out my brain feelings really bad.


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

dont worry lil miss! my chase last about a week then i am bored!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

lil miss do you have a twitter?