Monday, January 25, 2010

Focus, I Have Lost You

You know those nights where you just can't sleep at all?
No matter what you do: change positions, go to the bathroom, gather more blankets, tell your dog to get off your bed, listen to music, watch tv, try to focus on reading (which I can't do lately) etc.

Well tonight is not one of those nights and for that I am thankful.  But tonight I just don't want to sleep.  It's quite odd.
All week I've had trouble sleeping and now I get the chance to go to bed early and sleep in and I don't want to.
I napped this week.  Forreals.

So lately I haven't been able to focus on reading at all.  It's extremely strange for me.  I haven't finished a book since January 1st.  Really that's not that long ago.  But for me it is.  I was reading a book or more a week.
I read over sixty books in 2009!
I haven't even completed one this year.  I don't count the book I said I read above to be this year.

I've started three books, but that's about it.  It's not that they're boring, I just can't focus.  My mind wanders, I fall asleep, I get bored, I begin to people watch . .you name it.
Agh!  This is all very frustrating to me, it's like I'm back in elementary school again.  I hated reading in school.  It sucked.


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

this happens to me all the time! take a reading break! when you feel like reading you will! y dont you start sewing again!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...
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