Monday, March 15, 2010

I Just Want To Say "Hi"

I hate how right this is lately.
Except the puppy part because duh! obviously I'd be into the puppy more than you.
The parents part...ehh.  I might make a sarcastic remark "who are you trying to date? my parents?"
But that stupid ignore her thing.  Ag!

Dear Adorable Boy with the skinny jeans, purple t-shirt, toque and plaid shirt,
Please make eye contact with me.
Why do you always walk by but never look at me when I'm looking?
You talked to me once before and made quite a imaginative comment that I loved.
Were you able to talk to me before because your buddy was there?
Are you just too shy?  I am too, but if you'd at least look at me then we could get something started.
I've shown you that I'm not a snob by laughing at your wit and trying to make eye contact but you never fail to ignore me.
Please just look me in the eye so I can say "hi".

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