Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Will

Things I will do in the next two days:

1. Start running. . .again.
Every year I run throughout the spring and into the beginning of hot weather.
That's when I stop.  It gets too hot.

2. Attempt with every single cell in my brain to not think about boys.
Yes, this will be hard.
But easy because I won't be around boys who aren't my brothers for the next two days.
So mainly this is a "let's not think about boys too much" goal.

3. Clean my room, meaning vacuum and fix my pathetic bookshelf.

4. Watch a movie I haven't seen.

5. Not eat junk food like crazy like I seem to do on my days of relaxtion.
Relaxing does not mean I can pig out on junk food because I'll work it off at work.

6. Organize my movies and cds somewhat, because they are a complete mess.

7. *Gasp* Get rid of my giant cd player?....maybe?...if I do, my heart will break but it needs to be done.
Then I will buy an ipod cd player, thing.

8. Fix up our, what I'm going to call The Video Game Room.

9. Rent Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  I still haven't played it. 
Yes I play games.
Yes I'm a girl.
I need in on this game, then I'll know what all the guys are talking about.

10. I'll try oh so very hard to not straighten my curly locks.  They need a break.
But curly, frizzy hair is so hard to manage and it just makes me look frazzled.
So, we'll see.

11. Buy new bathing suit bottoms to go with my top.
I'm picky, I only like boy short bottoms because bikini ones are not me.
I found the perfect boy short ones (they are hard to find by the way) and I need to buy them for the summer.
I haven't bought new bottoms since 2003?  2004?
That's pretty bad. . .I wonder if they're see through yet?

12. Did I mention NOT thinking about the current boys in my life?
Because I really need a break from them.
But maybe, just maybe, if one calls. . .you know that special one, then maybe I'll think about boys.

13. Make a better fort over my bed.
Yeah, I made a fort awhile ago.  It sucked.  It needs to be better.

14. Fourteen sounds like a good number to stop at.  I will be creative.

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Jeanne C. said...

That's a great list of things to aspire to! I should make one myself! good luck.