Monday, April 26, 2010

The Little Things

I think I need to start taking time to enjoy the little things in life again like. . .

1. A hair cut that I actually love.  Hair grows, remember that.

2. Be care free.

3. Taking time to laugh.  I mean really laugh.

4. Great conversations.  I've been missing those lately.  You have no idea.

5. The wind hitting my face while I drive along the highway listening to awesome music.

6. Reading a book in the sun.

7. Standing in the pouring rain.

8. Alone time.

9. Making an effort getting ready to go out.

10. Adventures.

11. Bright nails.

12. Feeling giddy and letting people know it.
People feed off of other peoples emotions.  So if you're angry, chances are everyone else will be too.

13. Yummy breakfasts.

14. Hugs.

15. Randomness over regularity.

16. Taking risks, even if they're just small ones.

17. Letting yourself feel.

18. Lame jokes, but you still laugh.

1 comment:

Dana said...

hahaha, I LOVE that Betsey Johnson quote. It's so true. My dad thinks I just dress to impress guys, and he won't believe me when I say I don't.

I like your blog, I'm gonna follow you!