Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I Have Learned About Boys

1. Boys like you to notice when they get their hair cut.
2. Boys like to talk.  About anything.
3. Boys can talk about deeper things easier than I can.

4. Boys notice things that we don't expect them to.
5. Boys remember things you have said that you don't even remember saying.
6. Boys like to play video games, a lot.  But we already knew this, didn't we?

7. Boys want a girlfriend.
8. Boys like to impress each other.
9. Boys talk openly.

10. Boys have insecurities.
11. Boys like to talk tease girls about other boys/their dating life.
12. Boys like to read.

13. Boys, even later on in life, still enjoy toilet humour.
14. Boys like to annoy/scare/tease girls because it's fun.
15. Boys will tell you embarrassing moments they've had and not be embarrassed.

16. Boys do forget.
17. Boys like you to say goodbye if you're going home for the day.
18. Boys aren't always trying to make-a-move.
19. Boys think it's pretty cool if a girl is a movie buff/listens to good music/plays video games.
20. Boys can be confusing.

Note: This list will most likely have more added to it at a later date;
 We'll call it "Things I Have Learned About Boys Part II".


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This was really cute :)

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