Monday, June 21, 2010

Date Ideas

Blogging lists help me think better.
I am need of date ideas.
We haven't had an "official" date yet.
The boyfriend wants to have a romantic date.
As much as I've changed, I still have my cynicism towards romance.
We've come up with a small list, feel free to add :)
Please, ideas would be very welcome.

The classic dinner+movie
I'd like something random, but I'm unable to think of anything.

He wants to take dancing lessons.
This makes me nervous.
Something fun obviously.
A cheesy sunset walk :)
A picnic on the beach

A night in.  Slushies involved.

This just inspired a kissing scavenger hunt.

Him making dinner and I would do what I do best, make dessert, mess it up, try again and succeed.
Feel free to leave your date ideas.

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