Sunday, June 27, 2010

Learning To Walk In Heels

June is almost over.
It's kind of sad.
One month of summer over, even though summer officially began on the 21st.
I'm weird.
July sounds like a hotter month though.  When I think of heat I think of July.
So my Walk In Heels goal date of June 30th is fast approaching and I just bought the heels today.
Walking in them is easier than it looks.
I'm terrible.
My arches feel good, the balls of my feet? Not so much.
I just wish I could get that swagger down right. 
It takes time and practice, I know.
Which is why I've been wearing them since 4:00 and will be wearing them for the next two and a half days.
Including the time when I have to bake a cake.
Wish me luck.
I don't want to walk around like a duck at my brother's graduation.
I will accomplish this.  I'm absolutely determined now to get that sexy sway when I walk instead of the awkward strut I have now.
I told my dad I walk like a truck driver.
His response?  I've never seen a truck driver wear heels.


Adrian said...

Those shoes are really cute! And don't worry I have the same problem with walking in heels. It's not too pretty. haha

amanda leeann said...

good luck!!

i really love this post. & now want to go dig out heels..since i don't think i have that sexy swagger either :/

S said...

Thank you!:)
Tomorrow is the day I wear them out in public, I'm a bit nervous but excited.