Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 1- The Person You Like

I've decided to do a 30 Day Challenge,
because a) life is boring at the moment b) all I do is whine and c) well there is no "C" I just figured I needed a third reason.
That was my ta-da! noise.
Today is number one, obviously.
The person you like and why you like them.
I like him because he is my boyfriend and I have to.  :)
Why do I like him?  I always say I don't know but these past few days I've been thinking about it....time to compile a list!
-he likes licorice (which was one of the first things I learned about him and realized we had in common)
-he reads (another thing I noticed when I first met him)
-we can be dorks together, him more than me :)
-he knows I like things straight up and honest.  I complained to him how it seems like the guys at work sugar coat stuff with me and he knows that I don't like that.  I'm tough, I can handle the truth.  Haha.
-we are comfortable with silence
-he plays video games (too much, but I look past it) and helps out a damsel in distress when she needs it
-when we first went out ever (as friends) my Mom picked us up and I asked if he wanted the front seat.  He said sure, hopped up there and had a conversation with my Mom.  I smiled the entire way.
-he tells me to tell him my feelings and that it won't freak him out, even if freaks me out
-he's funny
-he has his quirks 
-we have similar taste in music but not exact
-he is blonde and has blue eyes, need I say more?


Anonymous said...

He sounds lovely!

I'm really happy you've found what seems to be a completely and utterly amazing boyfriend. Here's to four more months and then onwards, hm?

I have missed your little posts, and I do indeed hope you get well soon, love. Cheetos can be tempting, I have to agree with that!

Norah of 'let's run away'


S said...

Thank you :)