Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ready For The Weekend

First off I would like to tell you guys that I LOVE your comments.
It's amazing that I actually get comments.
I love that I'm connecting with people in other countries/provinces/states etc.
So I just want to thank you guys for actually reading my boring/sometimes exciting/whining posts.
It's fun to interact with everyone :)
I met a good friend through blogging on a different site and it's just so amazing.
I have a friend in England that I still keep in contact with occasionally.  We've been pen pals since I was 9 years old.
We still write letters a few times a year, which reminds me it's my turn to write.
So thank you guys for being there, it seriously means a lot to me and I love reading your blogs as well!
When I'm having a bad day (everyday this week pretty much) at least one of you can always make me smile.

Sorry, distracted by Julie Andrews on Oprah right now.  Did you know she lost her voice due to throat surgery?
Random fact: I like to watch The Sound of Music between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.  Usually it spans over a few days as it's something like 3 hours long and I get sleepy :)

So, I'll be AFK (away from keyboard...sorry, been watching The Big Bang Theory.) for a few days; going to visit the boyfriend :)
My costume is complete.
Expect pictures when I come back.

The boy got a job.
I'm so happy for him, but then minutes later my stomach that he'll be out and about that means he'll be meeting new people.  Some of those people will be girls.
What if some other girl discovers what an awesome nerd he is and tries to steal him away.
Then I decided I was being foolish.
Sure another girl could be charmed by his nerdy-ness, but I think that we'll be fine.
We haven't had trust issues, we're independent people and's just a gut feeling, knowing that we're going to be good :)

In other news, to add to the bad week I was having and could possibly still be having...
I dumped really smelly garbage all over the floor at work.  I mean REALLY smelly, as in I could smell it for the rest of the day.
Then I dropped the hose at work and it landed on the handle (of course) and sprayed me in the face.
I double checked with someone that my mascara didn't start running down my face.

But everything else was okay.
I had a fun day with The Boys at work, but I found out one of my good buddies is leaving for a better job.
I am truly bummed.

You know what's nice?
When the guy you crushed on throughout high school doesn't look as good anymore.

My schedule for tomorrow:
-Go to the bank/get coffee from McDonald's (Monopoly pieces!)
-Get my self transported to the boy's house (3 hours)
-During those 3 hours I will listen to my dying ipod (it lasts about 30 minutes now so I'll save it for the last 30 minutes of the trip), read, doodle and sleep.
-Run into the boy's arms dramatically while some sappy pop song plays.

Don't you like to imagine your life is a movie sometimes?
Confession: when I ride the bus I like to pick a song that suits the mood and pretend that I'm in a movie.

Have a fantastic Halloween weekend!!!
Eat candy, watch The Walking Dead (which premieres on AMC on the 31st by the way), watch scary movies, oooo I think Charlie Brown is on tomorrow :) (clearly that is a Halloween staple), go for Fall walk, dress up, scare people, carve a pumpkin :)


Laura Wynn said...

oh my GOSH! You pretend to be in a movie too?! I always do that! No, for reals. If a perfect song comes on, and it just suits what's going on in my head and around me, BAM-movie mode. So glad I'm not the only one!
Have a GREAT weekend! :)

Taylor said...

It is so sad that Julie Andrews had to get throat surgery...she had a beautiful voice! She is so regal :)

I know what you mean about getting comments, I loveee connecting with people from all around the country and the world. It is very cool. I am always so grateful for my followers and the people who keep coming back to read!

Have a happy halloweekendddd

GorJess said...

OMG i pretend I'm in a movie too!!!

Chelsea said...

On the bus I would turn on a slow song and pretend I was in a music video.

I hope you had fun!