Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Sorry for the cheesy title, but I was failing at come up with a title.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Technically it's still the weekend but mine always ends Saturday evening.

The house is finally all decorated, just a few things left to do (wrap the picture frames, put up the tree)
My Christmas shopping is getting there.
My brothers tend to be the easiest to shop for, who knew?

I visited the boy :)
Nothing too exciting: TV, pizza, cookies, you tube, the usual.
I'll see him again in two weeks, but if you want to get technical: 12 days!

Wow, Christmas is approaching fast.
Don't you love how you wake up on Christmas morning and everyone seems to be in a good mood?
It's fun to sit around with your family and tear wrapping paper into shreds and then eat a yummy breakfast!

I like Christmas Eve too :)
Everyone is a little grouchy but come the evening it's different.
Hard to put a finger on it what that is.

Then there's boxing day.
I haven't had a decent boxing day since I was 15.
I do like the cheap dvds though.
This year I have a date :)

I'm going to see a friend swim today.
I haven't seen her since June.
People buy swimmers flowers right?  Because I'm thinking about it---never mind, she's allergic to pollen.

It doesn't feel like Christmas until the stockings are hung.
I seriously looked through all the boxes and couldn't start decorating until they were up.

Our tree, drying out on the deck.
Time to start rapping....err wrapping.
Who knows, maybe I'll rap the parts in "Like A G6" while wrapping.
I've heard that song way too much this weekend.


Laura Wynn said...

Ha, I like that you tagged this with Like a G6. The decorations look great!

25BAR said...

Merry Christmas!