Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slow As Molasses

If I ever offer you a gingerbread cookie, please don't take it.
And if you ever get one of those cookie mixes in a jar, I'd suggest using it right away.
I decided to use mine today...after a year.

They may look all pretty and Christmas-y, but beware! They are deadly.
It doesn't help that the mix was in a glass gingerbread man.
I was digging that stuff out for ages!

Okay maybe not, because my brother likes them.
I'm beginning to think I've been turned off of gingerbread because of molasses.
By the way how did the word 'molasses' come to be?
I was discussing this with my mom today and started saying molasses slower and slower.
Do it :)

Sorry, I'm immature sometimes.

I do like these cookies though :)
Candy Cane Kisses.

Baking helps me de-stress when I'm having anxiety :)


Anonymous said...

baking does the same thing for me. i haven't had a lot of time for it this semester, which is sad. but last semester of school i sometimes baked instead of studying, just to get away.

it totally works :)

Kaleena J. said...

ugh, anxiety. i usually drive around to help anxiety.

those candy cane kisses look yum though! also I laughed at the molasses part.. i can be immature too :)

Laura Wynn said...

baking helps me too :) and I totally started saying molasses as slowly as I could, but about halfway through 'mooooo' I just started giggling!

Jan said...

The candy cane kisses look amazing! We don't have Hersheys over here in Ireland and I really miss the Hershey's hugs. I will have to stock up next time I'm home.

Happy baking and de-stressing :)

-Sam I Am- said...


that all looks delicious :)

Erika said...

Ohh!! I love the canycane kiss cookies :) So cute!
I am an absolutely AWFUL cook. And baking...well, baking turns out even worse. Regardless of the pressence of expired gingerbread mix, or not. hahaha.