Friday, June 24, 2011

Look What I Made! (Cake Decorating Part 3)

I will work out after I finish blogging, deal? Deal.
These are my "shaggy mums".
I promise I will get better.
I also made some flowers but those got smushed.
I have some in the freezer now which I will show off later.
These cupcakes look like they need googly eyes.
I'm a little behind but June 21st.
The first day of Summer.
The longest day of the year.
What did I do?
I played video games from 7pm-2am with an eggo and an "I'm scared" break in between.
I apologize for going a bit nerd on you but, I am obsessed with the F.E.A.R. games!
I'm not a big fan of Fear2 though.
Fear 3 came out on Tuesday and the boy and I beat it by Thursday night.
Now I have to do it by myself.
Except it's probably a bad idea considering I screamed twice while playing with him.
True story.
And I never scream.

I have my last cake decorating class on Monday!
We have to design a cake and decorate it.  
I want it to be really good so I can bring it in to work.
So I'm researching ideas.
I also signed up for the next one which is fondant and gum paste I believe.

Anyways, my cake.
It pretty much has to be basic because I only know some flowers and borders, oh and how to transfer a picture on to it!
So, you know, if you have any ideas shoot me a comment :)
I want to learn this!

I'm getting too distracted now, must leave.
Have a fabulous weekend!
I'm quite excited for next week :)
I get two days off in a row and it's Canada Day and I have a wedding to go to.
I've never been to a wedding before that wasn't a re-marry.

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Laura Wynn said...

Wow, S! This is great! I want to do the ruffle one too, its so cute :)