Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look What I Made (Part 6)

Flowers.  Pretty cool, hey?
Besides the fact that I kind of smushed them by putting them in a box.

Not much happening around these parts.
It's not summer here.
I've woke up to pouring rain everyday this week.
I want to use the word od-de-lally in this blog.  There, I just did :)

I made an icecream cake for Little Brother's birthday.
Mint icecream layer, chocolate fudge and Oreo cookie crumbs and the rest is vanilla with a Teddy Graham border and a fondant bow.
One word about making an ice cream cake: Messy.
You have to stick this thing in the freezer every 2 minutes because it just melts everywhere.
Somehow I have blue dye on the bottom of my foot.
I have yet to taste it, but it is after all just a lump of icecream.
Besides, I ate plenty yesterday.
Two scoops for the cake, one scoop for me.

Now I need to make a dessert for Harry Potter night!!
Two days.  And then, it's over.

Enjoy the movie on Friday!

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