Monday, August 8, 2011

I Love Straws

Aren't straws just the best thing in the world?
They give me that little kid feeling again.  Especially when drinking chocolate milk, which I just did.
What makes you feel like a kid again?

Lately I've been more carefree and just having fun which makes me feel like a kid.
I love it!
When we get older we worry a lot more, because we have things to worry about, so it's nice to have a break from that.

I steered away from my original topic....I seem to do that a lot.

What I was going to originally start out with was:
You may not read this post until you watch this:

Did you watch it?
Okay good.
How are excited are you!?!
Zooey 'Freakin' Deschanel!!

I'm going to be sitting/laying either
a) on the couch
b) on my bed
c) on the floor/couch/chair/whatever I can place my bottom on in a apartment (this one is doubtful, but I am looking for a place!...which reminds me that I found one with an ocean view I need to check out.)

I will be sitting/laying on whatever with either
a)popcorn and chocolate milk
b) a bag of 5 cent candy
c) nachos
d) sushi
e) whatever other food I may be craving....but I'd like to make "New Girl" night a specific food "The Big Bang Theory" has.  I'm weird like that.

I want to have a sushi night, or a twizzlers night except I eat twizzlers whenever, c'mon it's licorice!
I'd say Chinese night, but I prefer Chinese once a month or so.
Pizza night?......Hmmm I will have a specific food night this Autumn, I plan on it.

I can now say I went camping once this summer!
Technically twice but technically it was in May which wasn't Summer yet.
And it was in a motorhome.
I'm sorry, I just thinking tenting is "real" camping.

My attempts to be magical and toast my marshmallow with my wizard skillz.


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

ok so i made my boyfriend watch that commercial last night and he said... "oh shit they made a show about you." i giggled then snorted. :p i hope you are doing well sweet friend.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...
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