Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Official Day of Fall in 62 Minutes!

Hello Rain, old friend.
My oh my, what a week.
It's been just zooming by.
I like it but then again time is just flying right by.

This week has been sunny one day and stormy the rest of the week.
I love it!
It feels like Fall!
It's officially Fall in 62 minutes.
Plus there has been good music playing at work, especially today.
Getting to listen to The Joy Formidable and The Naked and Famous while I do my job? Yes please.

I don't have super, BIG plans for the weekend but I'm excited.
Tomorrow, after 8 hours of work, I will work out, bake cookies and then do an ab work out with The Boy (I got him to join in :) Then we will settle in for the night and watch the season premiere of Nikita .
Sounds like a lovely night to me.
I hope it's stormy, because then I will throw a log in the fireplace and scrounge around for some marshmallows.....never mind, I don't have any sticks.
First I will scrounge for sticks, then marshmallows.
Now I'm rambling, again.

Saturday is supposed to be sunny, so I will try my hand at pumpkin pancakes, go for a walk, take pictures, bake a cake and maybe go out with my new friend from Greece.
Sunday will be a cleaning/relaxing/catching up/icing the cake day.

Have a lovely weekend!


Cindy said...

Is it creepy that I seem to remember (from like a billion years ago) that fall is your favourite season? Sounds like you have awesome plans lined up! Hope your weekend is super amazing :D


S said...

That is really cool actually :) Thanks!