Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Like A Squirrel

I am currently stuffing as much Cinnamon Toast Crunch that will fit in my mouth at one time.
The best way to describe is how a squirrel eats, you know by stuffing his cheeks until they're about to explode then chewing.

Ah I love when my internet craps out.
Sad panda right here.

Ah yes, Fall is arriving.
The leaves are changing, it's foggy in the mornings, I haven't seen the sun for 2 day now and I'm absolutely freezing!

So I thought these pictures were kind of cool.  It's a tree I park by at work and I didn't even realize I took the almost same picture last year until I browsed my phone.

Pretty colors :)

 3 tiered cake.
I received some new pans and wanted to test them out, too bad I didn't have enough batter.
But it still turned out.

My new plant Hibs bloomed today!

Any exciting Fall plans?

I hope to figure out this school thing.....ah yes that's what my internet deleted.  I'm 80% sure I'm going to school next Fall, the only thing stopping me is that it's expensive to live (there are no dorms, so an apartment it is!)
I'd like to not get sick....even though I feel it coming on.
And I'm hoping to blog more because of a present I might buy myself :)
Time to go work out (I've been slacking!)

Oh and listen to this please!

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erinj0 said...

Love the pictures & I am laughing so hard at your comment about stuffing your face with cinnamon toast crunch like a squirrel - I tend to do the same thing at times!!!!

If you do end up going to school, GOO LUCK! Getting suck is inevitable, but take lots of Vitamin C :)