Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quinoa Burgers

Last night I tried a new recipe.
For quinoa burgers.
I had mine with mustard and then today I tried them with tzatziki. Happy tongue:)

 These pictures from my phone do not do them justice.
I was craving chocolate at Qoola last week :)
Still working on perfecting a dessert combo.

I even had a healthy breakfast during my weekend away. The pancakes went untouched as they were rock hard :(

Next week I begin running again!
Hopefully I'm over being sick, again (third time in 2 months)

What to have for dinner? 
Those quinoa burgers were so good I'm tempted to make them again!

I'm working hard at getting in lots of vegetables and fruit in during the day; the vegetables are the hard part.  I've been working away at a bag of baby carrots since last week :)  Time to try some new veggies soon.

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