Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello World

I checked my last post and it was that awful "vlog".
Aghh, I wish I could say I'll never do that again but I must.
I need to practice speaking and being on camera.
That being said, I love my acting class.  Love, love, love.  Even though I think I am terrible, I still enjoy myself. I'm trying to be better!  Which may be my problem.
Took a picture of myself to see if I looked any older.

Last week I turned the big 2-4.
Yep, that's right I am old now.  I use eye cream and anti-wrinkle cream (partially true) and I go to bed at 9:30pm (very true).
Funny story, I was looking at the face cream at the store today and realized there were 5 ladies with white hair checking out the same cream.
This proves I am an old woman at heart.

My birthday was quiet, which is relaxing considering last year was probably the best and possibly craziest birthday ever (that's not including my 7th birthday where I invited my whole grade one class).
I worked, which oddly I don't mind working on my birthday, then I went to the bakery (I seem to be making it a weekly thing now.  Plus I fit in with the older crowd.)
After my wonderful shrimp croissant I went and had a piercing done.

I have a habit, I need to quit, of making my own birthday cake. 
It is always frustrating and never turns out how I want it to, so I've decided I'm no longer making my own birthday cake.
Unless I really, really want to.

My family and The Boy went out for dinner and that was pretty much the end of my birthday.
But I did receive a bottle of cherry whiskey (random) from my old man friend and a rubber ball band starter kit from a friend at work.

That was the birthday :)
Oh and if you love Hello Kitty or strawberry scented things, get Dial foam soap with Hello Kitty on it. Smells so good!


Cindy said...

Happy birthdayyyy! I must say though you don't look 24, more like....21 or something (I'm a terrible judger of age). That giant cupcake cake is actually amazing, totally going to attempt one someday

GorJess said...

I love Hello Kitty and will most definitely check out that soap! Glad you had a good birthday. cute piercing btw.