Monday, September 21, 2009

I Want Vampire and Werewolf Lips

Okay, it's kind of weird to want this, but I love lip balm. I call it lipchap, no idea why but it makes my Mom mad. Jacob is strawberry, Group is Cotton Candy and Edward is Cherry. You can get them at Hottopic, of course.
I personally am a strawberry lip balm girl, but I think I'd go with the cotton candy. I think Edward should've been something like icy mint. That would've been better. Get it? Your lips would be cold-ish from the mint . . .Edward is a cold-skinned vampire....I'm a genius, I know :)
Jacob could've been cinnamon. . .burning, he's warm...okay I think you get it. Bye.

Ah-HA-HA. I just finished Juno and the song "Vampire" came on. "I am a vampire, I am a vampire..."
Well I think it's funny.
By the way read THIS!  Today is Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day.  I appreciate it very much :) Thank you Letterstotwilight :D

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Lauren said...

I hate cherry flavored things. That makes me sad that is what Edward's is :( It should have been mint, i agree!