Friday, November 13, 2009

Will YOU Be Buying THIS?

I will not.

The Jacob Black Barbie doll.
Um what is up with Edward's face?
He kind of looks like The Terminator.  I think it's the forehead and the hair, they're just not meshing.

By the way why has my "blog" become a Twilight zone lately?  My Fan Girl has decided to grace us with her prescence again I guess.
I made hot chocolate with my New Moon chocolate bar.  Bad idea.  It was gross.  I should've thrown the whole chocolate bar in there.  There was skin when I went to drink it: Yuck.  No thanks.
I watched Kellan Lutz and Bronson Pelletier on MuchMusic today.  I should be cheering for our Canadian boy Bronson right?
I'm not really a fan to be honest.  Sometimes he just seems. . .I can't find a word for it.  Just watch the video from the kick off tour where he wore sunglasses.
Kellan Lutz was awesome as usual. 
The fans creeped me out as usual.
It's weird that I post about Kellan a lot right?
Yes it is.
That is why I'm going to post this awesomeness that made that song from The Fox and The Hound run through my head.  You know the one, "when you're the best of friends. Having so much fun together..."

And with that I say goodnight, Vampire Diaries was interesting and Nicole will win America's Next Top Model.

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