Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Delete or Not To Delete

Whoa! Weird. I just found this picture of some of the cast from Glee and the tv said "glee club" right at that moment.  I was watching Funniest Home Videos.  Lame I know.

Don't you want to be there?  Not to rub shoulders with the rich and famous but to see the decorations.  It looks so amazing.

Poor Kellan had trouble getting into the New Moon after party, but doesn't he look all spiffed up :)
I have a few exciting days coming up, not including tonight -insert eye roll here-.
P.S.  I think I am going to delete this "blog" in the next few days or just not write anymore.  Not that anybody reads it or that any ghosts find it particularly interesting.
I just have nothing to write about that isn't dull.

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