Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Back!

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager!
I waited all day for this to come online tonight.  Seriously, I did.
Was it worth it?  Yes.

I love it when they all decided to skip school.  I love cheesy things like that.
Griffin, you are my hero and you need to be my best friend/body guard.
Amy, you weren't in this episode a whole lot, but I love your hair.  It looks a tiny bit different this time around.  You also need to find a new boyfriend.
Ashley, you are still awesome.
Ricky, you still make me want to cry.
Ben, I still want to slap you upside the head. 

Love the short conversation between Grace and her mom.  "Take matters into your own hands" 
I laughed out loud.
I also did a little lol-ing when Ben's Italian "friend" ran up to greet him on the beach.  Love the dramatics there.
Does anyone else find The Dads completely awesome and funny?  I love their little hallway meeting.

Oh! And Blossom, sorry she will always be Blossom to me, but Mayim Bialik, she was kind of random but still funny.

Molly Ringwald you look fabulous.  I'm still unsure about the bangs, but you still look wonderful.

Now I'm off to watch a little "10 Things I Hate About You",  gotta love that Ethan Peck.
I wonder when new episodes of that air...Hmmm.

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