Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dating Diary

Happy New Year.

I am kind of sick of hearing that to be perfectly honest.
My New Year's Eve didn't entirely suck like usual but it would've been better if I wasn't such an idiot.  I was with the guy I like and we both went home ten minutes before midnight.
I'm serious.
The night wasn't that exciting but I did meet some new people and there was this awesome cook that we met.
I am so frustrated with myself though;  Should've initiated that built up kiss.
I'm not one to fall into the usual traditions, but that is one that would've been nice to follow.  Soon.  It will happen, and I will tell him I felt like an idiot when I got home on NYE.
Stupid girl.
I'm not going to plan it though.  Planned things are always a let down.

Other than that, this whole "dating" thing is going exceptionally well. 
I was never one to date, so it's kind of new to me; new is good.
I just don't want to end up pushing away.  I've noticed it's what I do.  Find out a guy likes me (which is rare) and I being to push away and ignore him.  Not good.
So far I haven't done that;  It makes me extremely nervous that I haven't.

I think it's time to give a shout to the friends and see what's going on.

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