Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February!
Which means A) We're that much closer to my birthday
B) For the next two weeks all people will think about is Valentine's Day (doesn't it seem that way?)
C) We're also that much closer to warmer weather

I could use a warm vacay right about now.
I'd like to stay in a pink hotel.

And D)  This movie comes out:
So stoked.

So because I haven't been blogging much lately... Busybusybusy.  I actually have somewhat of a "social life" at the moment.  Shocked?
Back to what I was saying.
Valentine's Day.

I've never really done anything special for it.
When I was little I would pick out the perfect box of Valentine's cards, they had to be unisex of course, and I would freak out when my Mom told me to give the boys in school ones that said "Be My Valentine" or some other crap like that.
Then my Mom would set out heart shaped chocolates for us in the morning and sometimes we'd even get a special gift.

Then in high school, for some reason you wanted a boyfriend for V-Day.  I don't recall ever "wanting" one like a boy is a toy or something.  I gave my friends cards, we'd do that matchmaker thing and then squeal when I got ranked highest with my crush and my ex.
I think that was only one year.  After that V-Day was just there.
So, like I said, I've never done anything special for that one day
I don't know if I want to. . .Hm.

That's all.  Have a fantastic month!

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Morgan said...

I can't wait until the movie Valentines Day comes out! I really want to see it on opening night-which is Friday, I believe-but also the night of our school talent show. See people with all their wierd or awesome talents or go see a movie I've been dying to see? I have no idea-guess I have to make that decission soon because Friday is coming around the corner.