Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here Comes Your Man

My wonderful Momma gave me some advice the other day: "The next time someone asks you out, say yes."
"What if he's underage, like seventeen?"
"Say yes," she said.

I was told, by her, to cross a certain boy, that I've been hanging out with, off my list.
You see, nothing of the romantic type has happened.  It's mainly my fault.  Most likely because I scared him off by warning him that I am not the mushy type...I think he may be and now I am slightly disappointed that I told him that because after awhile I'm sure I would be into the more romantic junk.  I'm not afraid of a cuddle, or a hug, not even a kiss!  Although it does make me nervous.  No, I am scared of the commitment crap.
So, in my mind, I've decided that we are friends...this could have been his intention all along but when has a boy asked a girl to a movie for the first time just so they can be friends?

My mother (she hates when I call her that) believes I have many "suitors" (she didn't use that word, I did),yesterday she said, quote "I wonder how many boyfriends you could get at work..."  True story.
Being true to myself I rolled my eyes and said something about why would I want a boyfriend.

So that's The Situation for now: "Friend" Boy and my many suitors.
Have an excellent week, time to go work off the bag of eggies I finished off by dancing around my bedroom.

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