Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday

I actually get a weekend, again.  Sadly this one is going to be rainy unlike last which was gorgeous.  Unfortunately my "big plans" only include sleeping, going to the library and eating turkey (we ended up with three turkeys at Christmas so we are going to cook them up for people's birthdays and it happens to be my Mom's :)

Do you ever hate being stuck in your head sometimes?
I over think and over analyze every little thing.  It's stupid and annoying but lately I've been doing it, not as much as I was a month ago but still my brain is constantly going.

My most recent thoughts were "Why am I so cynical?"  "I should really stop doing that, all I'm doing is pushing people away."  "I'm going to lay off the heavy sarcasm...or at least try to."  and my most terrifying thought "I think I actually like this guy and I'm going to have to stop telling him how I'm cynical towards romance because all that is going to do is push him away."

Some serious deep thinking going on up in herre.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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