Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sacrificing Happiness

I have plenty of things on my mind today and I think I'm in need of two separate blogs for them.
So blog post numero uno.
Do you ever feel that life is actually going okay and that something bad is about to happen soon?
I always get that feeling as soon as I'm starting to feel some what happy.
So I dwell on stupid things to bring myself back down.
Is that what you call sacrificing your happiness?
I hate that I do that.

I had an excellent Wednesday through Monday (minus Saturday which was just blah..but we'll ignore that fact) so today of course, I'm have my mind set that today was going to suck.
So because I thought that, it did.
Minus two minutes out of my entire day.

I'm stressing myself out for no reason.
It's like I'm in need of a good hard cry.
You know when you haven't cried in so long you just feel like you could burst at any moment?
It's that.

After tomorrow my week should perk up a bit.
It's the usual routine I have going now.
I hate routine.

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