Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Seven- Take One

Here is my first shot at a Sunday Seven.
I don't have much to go on and I am getting kind of bored with this blog. 

1. It's Easter.  Not much excitement anymore.  I received chocolate that I didn't ask for, but it'll get eaten anyway...I should start eating healthier.

2. "Clash of the Titans".  Not that great.  3D is not worth the extra bucks.

3. Should've seen "The Last Song" just sayin' guys.

4. I told you I didn't have much info this week.  I just like lists.

5. More flirting with boys.  I got caught doing this at work.  It's all in good fun.

6. I need to get back into reading again.  I keep getting side tracked. 
I used to read a book a day!..okay more like every two days, but still!  It's taking me a month to read a book now.
This sickens me.

7. I hope this week is exciting and has a possible adventure in store for me.
I like adventures.
And forts made with sheets.

I think it's time to paint my nails green.

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