Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think I'm going to start a regular post: Sunday Seven.
Because a) Seven is my number
b) Sunday is generally a more exciting day for me.  It's the aftermath of Saturday night's events (when there are events) and I it's a day where I'm kinda-sorta-maybe more flirty.

So the upcoming Sunday, as long as I remember, will be my first Sunday Seven.
Expect it to be of Easter talk, boys, and possibly what happened on Saturday night.

The last two weeks have been full of (stressful) boy stuff.

1. A boy I like(ed?) is being confusing, but so am I. 
I ask stupid questions, I get the answer I was expecting.
Things are kind of. . .weird.

2. I was asked out by another boy.
I don't like him in that way.
I have trouble saying "no".

3. I'm constantly acting flirty with an underage boy.
Note: he will be legal this year.

4. I was asked to go on a hike with another boy, who just turned legal I should add.
I said yes.
He called.
I changed my mind.
I've regretted it since.

Sometimes I think life would easier if I was a nun.
But then I flirt and realize I would never succeed.

Do you ever watch "19 Kids and Counting"?  The Duggars are seriously my favourite family.

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a cat named cat said...

Good post :) I love the duggars! ANd cousin Amy lol