Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boys Go Boo

I was reading A Blonde Walks Into A Blog today and saw this quote:

"Unless it's mad, passionate, Extraordinary love, It's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life Love shouldn't be one of them." Movie: Dream for an Insomniac

With that I agree.
I for one have never been in love and it's going to be awhile for me.

I keep messing up.
It's like the boys go "boo" and all of sudden I find myself flying backwards away from them and I can't stop myself.
I just need to keep that safe distance.

How many strikes do you get in the Real World before someone says "you're out"?

So far with this new boy I was going to hang out with, this is strike one.
Unless I get a re-do then we'll pretend the umpire messed up.

With a different boy, ag!
He has strikes too, he probably doesn't know that. 
But he got a pretty bad strike against him last night

Like the baseball talk?
Funny, he says he hates baseball and yet here I am using baseball terms.
I find strange coincidences like that, strange.

I think with him I have...many strikes but he keeps throwing the pitches.
I know I have at least two major ones.

I'm sorry this is making no sense, but sometimes you just need to blog things out.

My point is that boys do or say the tiniest things and my automatic response is to push away.
I'm in the process of finding the people who won't let me.  Push away that is.
They are rare and I have yet to find one.

< I really do love that.

"Oh she's slippin' away.
I always freeze when I'm thinking of words to say.
All the things she does.
Make it seem like love.
If it's just a game. (Just a game)
Then I like the way that we play."
"Into Your Arms" by The Maine

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