Friday, June 4, 2010

I Made A Goal

To be able to walk comfortably in a pair of platform pumps by June 30th 2010.

I tried on a pair of floral ones today and fell in love and almost broke my ankle.

I'm also in need of a dress for my brother's graduation.
I recently fell in love with a short, red, satin one with pockets! But now it's gone :(
So I'm looking for either a) a red dress b) a green one c) floral.
All should be cut at the knee, no longer or else I look short.
And I must be able to hold it up, ahem, I lack a chest.
I'm picky, so this has been a difficult task.
I really did love that red one with pockets.

Urban Outfitters

I am quite picky, some of these aren't satisfying me.


Elleira said...

I lurve that navy blue one on the right in the last set of dresses. it's so classy but still really pretty :) I want that. haha :P

Adrian said...

I really wish I could walk in heels too! I really love all those dresses especially the ones with flowers! I am totally obssessed with them right now!! haha

S said...

I've been obsessed with the blue dress forever.
I love floral, I've almost found the perfect floral skirt. Almost.