Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Heat Wave

I'll try to make this post uplifting after I get some things not necessarily out of the way, but just off my chest.
Summer (so far) has been filled with boating with friends, movie nights, sunburns, being sick, skim boarding, lazying at the beach, romance, lust, fireworks, laughs, break ups, and tragedy.  That's a lot for only 16 official days of summer.
I live for busy summers.
I used to live for having that summer fling.
I love late nights in the warm breeze.
I love icecream walks along the sea wall.
I love sunset pictures taken by yours truly.
I love the shock when you enter cold river/ocean/lake water.
I love summer. 
We have to remember the little things when tragedy strikes.
We need to live every moment, say what's on our minds, try things we've always wanted to but been afraid of, take our time day by day.  We shouldn't live in the past, we can't live in the future, we just need to stay here. 
Love the people who surround you.
Love what you're doing with your life (I'll get there).
Love and live each and every day.
And now for some pictures to brighten the mood :)

I think I'm going to plan a picnic!  A real picnic, not like when I was little and my Nana would buy KFC and we'd go sit by the ocean.  I'll be sure to take pretty pictures and hopefully make good food.
Wow...when did I turn into one of those girls.  I'll save that post for later.

Let's hope it doesn't end like this. I'm terrified of birds.


Dana said...

A picnic looks like so much fun right now!

By the way, I think heels with shorts can be classy if done correctly. I doubt I could pull it off. The shorts would have to be longer and looser, and perhaps worn with sheer tights!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God that looks a bit scary with the birds! I'm not particularly scared of them but I wouldn't want to be mobbed by them! Have to admit, though, that I'm hating them at the moment because they're sh**ing all over my new car! arrrghhhh