Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I ♥ Summer

Once upon a time I loved summer.  Really truly loved it.
I think we had an affair at one point.
Then the years came when summer was just a time where it was hot and that's about it.
Summer and I had a falling out you could say.   We were no longer "bffs".
Last year we began to rebuild our friendship. This year summer I'm here to tell you I love you.

With summer I think of the beach, heat, mosquitos, iced tea, strawberries, bathing suits, sprinklers, the smell, pink lemonade, epic playlists, early mornings with yummy breakfasts...I think you get the idea.

It's not the fact that I have someone to share summer with for the first time, although it does help, it's all the things about summer that I love.
At work when it's gloomy I'm in a bad mood, but as soon as the guys tell me the sun is coming out I instantly perk up.  It's like a switch.

I love falling asleep in the sun.
With sunscreen of course.

I love losing track of time at the beach.
I love listening to the waves roll in.

I love that initial shock of cold water when you jump in.
I love tasting salt on my lips when I surface.

I love going down to my room at the end of the day and finding it cool.
I love drinking pink lemonade.

I love sitting for hours at the beach people watching.
I love the freckles around my eyes that the sun leaves.
I love that pink, sun kissed look I get from being outside.

I love the perfect beachy waves I get from the summer, because we all know you can't achieve that look in the winter.
I love hitting up the 7-11 for a blue slurpee.

I love sleeping in,
but I also love being woken up early to go for breakfast.

I love the pinks, reds, purples, oranges, blues and greens the sky turns to when the day is over.
I love it when the tide is out and there is endless amount of flat, sandy, beach.

I love that I have a car and can drive wherever, whenever (whoa, Shakira flashback) or just go for a drive with the windows down, no destination in mind.

I love when my Mom and I take a three hour drive to that special beach where we spend the day with one of my favourite beach foods: Fritos Hoops.
I love waiting out in the water for that perfect wave that's going to carry me into shore.
I love that the sun shines directly on to my face while waiting for that perfect wave.

I love how my hair is all salty and my face sticky, once I'm done my time in the ocean.
I love that exhausted and hungry feeling I get when I leave the beach.

I love that the smell of ocean hits my nostrils when I'm still twenty minutes away from the beach.
I love that a nap at the beach is unlike one you take at home.

I love the smell of summer, at night especially.
There's something about it that's undescribable.
I love the smell of sunscreen. Plain and simple.

I love homemade popsicles.
I love when I sneak to the freezer in the middle of the night and there are still freezies left over.

I love it when a car drives by and they have a surfboard strapped onto their roof.
I love that I can stay out until ten o'clock and it's still somewhat light out.
I love when I wake up at five thirty am that the sun is only hitting the mountains and barely anything else.
I love that when I head out to my car the sun is beginning to shine on the rest of the town.

I love it when there is a down pour of warm summer rain.
I love that I have mosquito bites to prove I've been busy this summer.
I love that I can be outside in the heat all day but at night go to the movie theater to cool off while having some laughs.

I love the fact that my toe nails are my signature summer hot pink today.
I love that the strawberry angel food cake I make reminds my family of summer.

I love that I don't have to wear a coat to work in the mornings.
I love that I watch The O.C. and Full House (the entire seasons) every summer.
I love it when it's so hot but then a nice breeze blows through the window.  Bliss.

I love summer.
Have you heard?

But I hate that I can't find a bikini.

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Roni said...

I love those things about summer, too. Sometimes it gets boring, and I miss my friends, but summer's pretty great sometimes.