Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To The Boy: Thank You.

Hi Boy,
I just wanted to thank you for a few things.
Thanks for understanding my emotionless self when I am at a funeral.
Thanks for putting up with me being weird while making out later that evening.
Thanks for saying you thought it was me in the magazine I was reading in the dark theater when it was in fact Megan Fox.
Thanks for telling me my legs look tanned even though I think they don't.
Thanks for sneaking a kiss at work before you left.
Thanks for talking to my Mom while I was kind of ignoring her.
Thanks for wanting to go shopping with my brother.
Thanks for putting up with his weird texts.
Thanks for wanting to get my little brother a poster.
Thanks for putting up with me while I "shop".
Thanks for letting me play my question game.
Thanks for being open and comfortable.
Thanks for being the best pillow ever.
Thanks for putting up with my frustrations with driving and being surprised that I could reverse stall park (we both know my skillz are lacking).
Thanks for listening to my weird music.
Thanks for listening to me complain, but if you ever want me to shut up you know what to do.
Thank you for respecting me.
Thank you for just being there.  I've never had this before.