Friday, July 16, 2010

Live In The Moment

Oh look, what a pretty, little, random list :)

-I need to buy another memory card for my camera, along with a new battery
-Take a mini vacation
-Forget all about work for at least a day and enjoy my time with the people I am with
-Buy some new beach reads
-Find some great tank tops
-Deepen my tan with a tanning oil higher than a 4 SPF
-Learn something new about that boy I am dating
-Find a new job within the next month
-Apply to film school with in the next three months. . .maybe
-Be creative
-Finish a book
-Stay out late on Saturday night even though I work at 6:30am the next day
-Camp out with the boy. Note: Bring the portable dvd player or the laptop.
-Drink blue slushies
-Buy a bathing suit
-Take a trip to the Grandfather's
-Remember what it's like to be a loner
-Live in the moment I am in.  I keep thinking to the future, not so much the distant future, but next week.
It's giving me anxiety.


Vanessa said...

Sounds like a wonderful to do list! Living in the moment is a must!!

Happy Weekend!

Taylor said...

I enjoyed reading your list! It is so broad, yet so detailed! I like 'remember what its like to be a loner.' I value alone time, so I definitely agree with you on the benefits of riding solo for a while. I find myself cherishing the time I get alone, where I can think freely and uninterrupted! This is a great blog you've got going here :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

this is beautiful you are beautiful! dont get too stressed out my little duck!

S said...

I'm extremely happy to say that this week I lived in the moment and had an amazing time doing so.
Sorry for not getting to these comments, for some reason I keep missing them.