Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Gift?

I think someone needs to take a trip to the city this week.
You can only go to the same mall, with the same stores every so often.
No new stock is coming in!
It's driving me insane.
So maybe this week I need a change of scenery, some loner time as well.
That would mean a trip to the Grandfather's.
I would take a night time swim, go for walks in the morning, swim in the afternoon, do some shopping of course and visit the family.
I have this urge to shop lately.
I feel so guilty for it.
It's not like I need clothes.  I bought four pairs of shorts about a month ago and have been searching for a bathing suit as well.
So I'm hoping with a different mall and different stores will come better luck with finding some tank tops, hoodies and a bathing suit (this would be a miracle).
I get paid this week, I'm ready to spend but I'm going to set myself a limit.

This is so weird to/for me but I want to buy my boyfriend a t-shirt.
Easy gift right?
But see, I have a problem with this.
We've been dating...holy crap, almost two months (my longest relationship, which really doesn't say much because the last time I "dated" was seven years ago)
So two months dating, not long.
When I say gifts I don't mean for that whole monthaversary type thing, just a random I-thought-this-shirt-would-look-good-on-you type of gift.
But then because I am the way I am (breaking up is inevitable) I'm scared to give and accept gifts.
Lame, I know.
If the shirt is less than fifteen dollars, I will buy it for him...I wish I could get that boy to wear purple.
I wonder if he'd wear a plaid shirt....I think I would swoon if he did.  I should fill him in on that.

When did this turn into an "I'm Buying My Boyfriend A Shirt" post?

Ew, jeggings.


Taylor said... is an interesting issue! I always think about this kind of stuff too, but then again I've been dating my boyfriend for like over 2 years ahh! My only advice is, don't set yourself up for failure. Don't think that you're going to inevitably break up due to your'll never know where life takes you two as a couple! So if you find the right shirt, buy it! Maybe he wants to buy you a nice shirt too :)

I feel you on the urge to splurge!! I was at the mall was torture...I refused to buy anything, and ofcourse failed. But everything they have teases me, I want everything!

Adrian said...

I have the same urge to shop too! I really need to go buy some new clothes before my school starts in a week. bleh. But I think it's really sweet that you want to buy your boyfriend a random gift!

Meg said...

Hope you had good luck at the mall and that you found the shirt!

S said...

Thanks for the comments :)
I didn't find anything, all the summer clearance clothes look the same. Fall fashion is starting to come out so I'm going to save one of my paychecks because fall is the best time for fashion.
I didn't buy the boyfriend a shirt...instead he came with me :) We had an excellent time!