Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boys > Girls

Shopping was a bust.
Having a mini vacay was a success.
And surprise! boyfriend came with me.
We had an excellent time, or at least I think so.
There were many boring parts because we didn't have a car to drive, but our time together was fun.
Filled with laughs, teasing and threats to be pushed in the pool.

Work was shockingly enjoyable today.
It's the people that make the work bearable, really.
As much as I want to quit, I'm sure I would be sad to leave the people I've met.

I had a sort of girl's night last night, but not really.
I suck at girl's night.
I've grown up with brothers, I'm the only girl on both sides of the family, I get along better with guys, I was a tom boy when I was younger (still can be) and I was bullied by girls so I tend to close up around girls.
With boys you can just blurt stuff out and they'll tell you to your face "You're weird" but with girls they give you that look that makes you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole.
I have some girl friends, who I'm not too close to, I haven't even known them for a year yet, but we hang out on occasion.
I also have some guy friends.  I tend to talk more around them and we get a nice little banter going sometimes.
I have work friends, who are boys and mainly that's just them picking on me but it's all fun and they're straight up which I like.
The moral of this?
I'd rather have a boy's night out than a girl's night out.

I'm not saying I don't get along with girls or that I would never want to be around them, it's just I put up with a lot of crap from them when I was younger so I just try to avoid it now.  It's too much drama.
And with the girl friends I have now...ugh, that is way more drama than I'd like.

Ha, I love how I just wrote that I'd rather be around boys than girls and the handful of people who read my blog are girls.


Taylor said...

Girls can be catty! I wish they were as laid back as boys.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

hey sweet girl. i def understand where you are coming from i would much rather hang out with guys than girls (recently i have started relearning this lesson... drama lil mama i don't wanna steal your man... speaking of man i wanna hear more about this boy.) happy your mini vacay was fun!