Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Clothes

Putting clothes that no longer fit or that I no longer wear is cleansing.
I found a jacket thing from 2003.
I get attached to clothes.
I have to not think of the memories they hold when I get rid of them.
I have other shirts I could get rid of, but they are concert not yet.

Everything is packed up in a garbage bag now.
Ha the 'Wazzzzup" shirt was also my first passport picture shirt.
Now my drawers are a bit more roomy and I won't have to shove things into them.
Tomorrow I'll tackle the junk under my bed and in my nightstand.
I'm thinking of moving furniture...but that could be dangerous, knowing me.


a cat named cat said...

I always feel kinda weird getting rid of clothes as well, I almost feel like something bad will happen :/ I'm trying to have a clear out this week to and its been successful so far, good luck with yours :)

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lol, I hate getting rid of clothes. I'm wayy too lazy. Because it takes me too long. xD

Kaleena J. said...

I get attached to clothes too. :( It's a terrible flaw I have. I feel bad for them once I have them in the bag that I always take them back out and hang them up haha

Taylor said...

I always find it so hard to part with clothes! Especially clothes that have a story. I have a photographic outfit memory, I remember events by what I wore (I think that trait is genetic because my grandmom is the same way!)

Look on the bright side, with your room de-cluttered you'll have so much more space for new fun outfits.