Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting For The Leaves To Change

Even though it is not officially Fall yet I have made my first cd for the season, I'm beginning to go through my clothes and this week I'll begin Fall posts.
Remember my love of summer posts (there were many) expect plenty of those for Fall.
I'm thinking of going to a park near my house and taking a picture about once a week in the same place so I can see the leaves change color over time. 
For some reason Florence + The Machine just screams Autumn to me.

One week and two days to go.
Whew, I love the auto-save.
Have a beautiful Sunday.

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a cat named cat said...

I kinda love Autumn as much as I love summer :) I'll enjoy your Autumn posts and I absolutely adore Florence and the machine but I'd never heard the addicted to love cover! It's amazing - and very autmuny ( is that a word? haha ) :) :)