Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Morning

I haven't slept in in weeks.
I used to be able to sleep until noon, which was a pretty bad habit.
I started gettting up 8:30/9am, with a 6:30am break in there where I hear my Dad get up.
Today I woke up "crap I slept in".  I checked my clock.
Still not as late as usual, but I am satisfied and well rested :)
It's nice waking up early.
I love Mult-Grain Cheerios.
I love the black pants I bought yesterday.
My forehead hurts from, uhh, you know, nailing myself with a broom at work.

I walked out of work yesterday wearing my red hoodie, took a deep breath in.
Fall is coming.
That brisk wind that I love is picking up, the smell is changing.
The other day I was watching the wind, it was like it was blowing Summer away, it was kind of neat :)
I am so stoked for my new Xbox 360.  That I paid for :)
It feels good to buy yourself something.
A plus with it that I just realized this morning? I can talk to the boyfriend on it instead of racking up a phone bill.
I'm such a nerd.

I feel like squealing, that's how excited I am for Fall.
The Big Bang Theory premieres September 23rd!!
I also want to watch $#*! My Dad Says.  (That heart is actually a star)
And 90210 in the same month...I just can't remember the date.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that still watches 90210.

This is weird.
I'm in a pleasant mood this morning and I'm not sure why.
The boy has gone to The City to talk to the landlord and I'm here.
Bored, yes.
Missing him, slightly.  Trust me it'll be worse in a week.
So why do I feel content?
Maybe I've gotten all the crying out of my system now I'm just accepting that this is the way it will be.
Maybe I'm confident that we will stay together.
Maybe I'm realizing that just because he left doesn't mean I'm alone.  I have my family, I have friends now.
I just feel a lot better.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Kaleena J. said...

I liked this post. I kind of broke myself in sleeping in too. I used to sleep in til noon or one, now i'm lucky if I can sleep til 10.

a cat named cat said...

Autumn is coming thick and fast, I love summer but it's a refreshing change! Glad you got your xbox and being able to speak to your bf on it has to be a huge plus :) Aww, I love the big bang theory and 90210 (although I don't watch 90210 as religiously as I used too) have a great weekend too :) And thanks for the advice on my post!

Kate said...

I LOVE The Big Bang Theory!

And I'm glad you're feeling content. That's a good place to be :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

i heart you! sooo much.

Elleira said...



Just sayin'

roadrunner said...

You have such a cute blog! :)

S said...

Thanks for the lovely comments :)