Friday, August 27, 2010

The Fall List

So I have a summer list, I'd say I'm done with it, but I'm giving it one more week and then I'll reveal the final product (which is not the thing in the sidebar)
I started a Fall list last night.

-Make a pumpkin pie (I've said for the past couple of years I wanted to do this.  Let it be known: THIS IS THE YEAR)
-Get a haircut (nothing major, unless I'm feeling reckless)
-Buy a jacket (I have a thing for jackets; that will be a post all on it's own)
-Make a Fall playlist (in progress)
-Buy a book (I haven't done this in a long time)
-Go through clothes and donate what I don't wear anymore

-Completely clean my bedroom
-Buy new sheets/duvet (if on sale)
-Get fall clothes (tuque (preferably red), fingerless gloves, fitted black skirt, another pair of boots (if  on sale), plain long sleeved t-shirts)
-Make plans to take part-time acting courses next year
-Eat better (Cookies are still allowed in this)
-Exercise/start going to the gym
-Plan and prepare Halloween Costume (Ramona Flowers from 'Scott Pilgrim VS The World')
-Cook dinner at least once a week
-Start hardcore reading again
-Go for walks
-Get new tires (mine are bald and the rain is going to start soon)
-Save money (after buying the new tires)

I'm going to miss this boy.


Kate said...

Good list. (I looove making lists, I should make a fall one myself.) I have no doubt that you will make that pie this year! I've done pumpkin pies in the past and they're not too difficult. Going through old clothes is a great idea too.

a cat named cat said...

A great list :) I love list making lol, it really motivates you to get things done, I esp like the acting course on there! - enjoy them :) x

Kaleena J. said...

AWESOME!! I was totally planning on being Ramona Flowers for Halloween too!!!!

Taylor said...

Great list, all good things to do :) I'm interesting in the acting class! I am sure you'd be great at it!