Monday, August 23, 2010

Sucked Back In

Sometimes as a human  a girl as me, I make impulse decisions.
Like....quitting my job for instance.
Not that I did that or anything, right?

I felt like a fool today and a sucker.

So yes, as much as it pains me I'm still at my job.
The plus side? I found out that I've been making ten cents more than I thought!

Does it make me a nerd that I'm totally excited to buy myself an xbox 360 now?
and visit my boyfriend, but we won't think about that right now.


Taylor said...

I know how you've felt. The uncertainty before quitting a job never is fun. I hope you are happy with your decision! PS. I've enjoyed reading your epic summer 2010 list :) Learn to surf!! It's one of the best highs when you ride your first wave

Kate said...

Work sucks sometimes :( but yay for finding out you make more than you thought! That's a nice little surprise.

a cat named cat said...

We all make impulse decisions sometimes lol. Shame about your job though but the 10 cents is an upside :) It doesn't make you a geek at all, I wish I could afford an x box 360. :) x