Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Storm's A Comin'

In the wee hours of this morning I thought I heard rain.
I was right.
I was supposed to go for a walk with a friend and would still like to...hmm maybe later in my awesome rain boots.
But instead I'm going to stay in, watch a movie and drink hot chocolate.
To me, this sounds fantastic!
Yes, Fall came early.
I love that our Fall is always windy...but I'll get into what I love about Fall a different day.
It's not a storm, I exaggerate.

See that? Those are puddles.
The last time I saw those was when I washed my car this Summer.

And those? Not the green bushy things, I mean the gray part.  Those are clouds.

Cupcakes waiting to be frosted. 
But now the question is do I dare drive to the grocery store with bald tires in this rain to pick up a can of frosting because I wrecked the frosting I made last night and have no patience to make anymore?

A lovely picture of my breakfast :) and the purple nail polish that I love (Thanks Mom!)

Oh dear, I need to do the dishes before I head out.
Yesterday I managed to clean the bathroom, exercise and play some video games :)
I felt somewhat accomplished.
I'd love to play some games this morning but it can wait until I do the dishes and garbage.
I'm wearing my hair that needs to be cut in a questionable messy bun today.
I like it, but it's so annoying have this ball at the back of my head.
It makes it difficult to lay back and I feel like a bobble head.
Oh joy.  I just realized that I'll have to work in this weather for the next three days, early in the morning.
I love this weather but picking up trash in it?  Not so much.


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

the weather sound lovely! i would much rather stay inside and read or cuddle up under some blankets. i can't wait till it gets cooler here! hope you are doing well!

a cat named cat said...

Ah, fall has come early - is it wrong that I actually love the look of puddles? lol. Those cupcakes look so yummy too! I'd deffo go and take a rain walk :)

Kate said...

Messy-on-purpose buns look cute on some people but on me its just plain messy. I can never get it to look just right. And ooh, cupcakes :) I like making my own frosting, what recipe did you use? The one on Wilton's website is a good one to try. But if you're going out to the store, do be careful, the weather looks kinda scary!

By the way I looove that purple nail polish. One of my coworkers was wearing some the other day and I thought "hmmm maybe I should try that too!"

Emma said...

i too love fall, bring on the cooler weather!!