Thursday, September 2, 2010

Autumn, I Love You

I'm going to attempt to do an Autumn post today.
But first I finished reading "Something Like Fate" by Susane Colsanti today.
It was a good read, I enjoy what people call 'chick lit'.  I forget about my problems when I read them.
Anyways, in it the main character talks about when she thinks Fall begins, most people would say when school starts is the beginning of Fall.  She (Lani) thinks it's...oh shoot. How can I describe it?
It's the smell, the way it feels, you can just sense the change.
Like when I walked out of work last week, took a deep breath and smiled because I knew Fall was on it's way.
Anyways, I liked the way she put it.
I'd be able to describe it better but I took the book back.
It also made me question 'fate' but that's another blog.

Let's get down to business.
I have a deep love for Fall.
Like my boyfriend should be worried.
Okay not so much.
But yes Fall and I are best friends.
I even told it that if I ever have a child and that child is female, her name would be Autumn.
Wow, looking at pictures is making me excited =)

What do I love about Fall?

The smoky smell, but not in that gross cigarette way, but in's so hard to describe that smell, but it is my favourite.

The fashion.
No need to explain myself there, I hope.

The colors.  The orange, yellows, browns and reds of the leaves.  The orange pumpkins.  The assortment of gourdes.

The fog.
We get some pretty ridiculous fog around here every so often in October/November.  I love it :)

The cool brisk wind.  I love going for a walk (which is another thing on my list) and having the wind whip through and tangle my hair and burn my cheeks on a sunny day.

The leaves.  You know what I'm talking about.  The gorgeous colors, the way they frolick in the wind and that crunching beneath your feet?  I live for that.

Halloween.  Candy corn.  Costumes. Decorations. Halloween cookies and cupcakes.

Baking.  Fall is just a baking time to me.  I think it's Thanksgiving that makes me think that.
This year I plan to make a pumpkin pie, an apple pie and I want to try spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
I'm also making my Mom a strawberry cheesecake...long story about how I'm a pig who loves desserts.

I had dessert before dinner the other day.

I think that's how I should eat from now on.


Kate said...

Fall is my favorite too :) And hey, no shame in having dessert first. I have definitely eaten dessert in lieu of an actual meal, on several occasions.

a cat named cat said...

I love fall too! My favourite thing is just basically getting to wear my boots, scarves and hats again! Also the colour of the leaves, it's just magical! :) I'll be interested to read your 'fate' post, that book sounds quite good! :)

GorJess said...

Cool, I always eat dessert before dinner! Fall is also my favorite season! And Susane Colasanti is def my favorite author, I haven't read that book yet but i'm gonna check it out.